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Candidate Questionnaires

Here are all of the candidates currently on the ballot for election, some of whom have submitted questionnaires for our support. Take a look, read their policy positions, and learn more about the candidates as we do.

  • 5th District

    Darrell Clark, Democrat

  • 6th District

    Bobby Henon, Democrat

  • 7th District

    Maria Quinones Sanchez, Democrat

    Manny Morales, Democrat

  • 8th District

    Cindy Bass, Democrat

    Greg Paulmier, Democrat

Candidates who submitted completed candidate questionnaires

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We care about this city and its people. A democracy is only as strong as its citizens’ participation, and we cannot be successful without your help. So please take a minute to tell us about yourself.


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Philadelphia 3.0 Newsletter

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Haven't seen the ads that have
everyone talking? Take a look below.

Here are the facts and sources behind what we’ve mentioned on TV. Click below to see the proof of the change that needs to happen.

FACT: Philadelphia’s pension fund is $5.7 billion underfunded

Source: phila.gov

FACT: There was a plan to address the pension crisis but Council wouldn’t even hold hearings

Source: philly.com

FACT: Seventy three percent of Philadelphians want term limits for City Council

Source: Philly Rising poll, conducted on November 13-17, 2014

FACT: Philadelphia's City Council has been called "The worst legislative body in the free world."

Source: philly.com

FACT: Council voted themselves a pay raise to an average of $126,000 per member for a part-time job

Source: philly.com

FACT: More Councilmembers have been arrested, died, or taken DROP than retired

Source: billypen.com

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What is #changethecharter?

Philadelphia 3.0 would like to start a serious conversation about changing the charter so we can create term limits for City Council. The only way to have a serious conversation is if everyone weighs in. This is our call to join the conversation.

But first, some background.

Why do we need term limits for City Council?

Philadelphia 3.0 believes City Council needs new voices. Why? Because we have the longest-serving City Council of any big city in the country. Because the six longest-tenured City Council members have been in office for a combined 132 years. Because seven of the nine District Council members seeking reelection are running completely unopposed.

Our mission is to create the right conditions for political change. Term limits encourage more Philadelphians to run for public office, promote innovative thinking and fresh ideas, and give elected officials the opportunity to have their own voice.

Why do we need to #ChangeTheCharter if we want term limits for City Council?

Before the Home Rule Charter was adopted by voters in 1951, the city was controlled by an entrenched Republican political machine. But a coalition of progressives, business leaders and under-represented Philadelphians led a groundswell of support for a new way of governing.

Broadly speaking, the Charter outlines the powers and duties of the City’s two branches of government: City Council and the Mayor’s Office. It imposes a two-term limit for the Mayor, but no such limit for City Council.

Creating term limits for City Council requires amending the Charter, which is a three-step process:

  1.  A Council member introduces term limit legislation to amend the Charter
  2.  That legislation is approved by 12 members of Council
  3.  The amendment is approved by a majority of voters on Election Day

Amending the Charter is supposed to be hard, but we believe it’s necessary.



Lots of things are changing in our city –
City Council hasn’t been one of them.

  • Between 1979 and 2011, Council Members were more likely to leave office because they took a Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP), died or were arrested than they were to retire.
  • In the last 20 years, four Council seats have been occupied by a single person, nine Council seats have been occupied by two people and four Council seats have been occupied by three people.
  • Three current Council Members have been in office for over 24 years. They were elected in 1979, 1987 and 1991.
  • Not a single member of Council is younger than 41.

The six longest- tenured current City Council members have been in office for a combined 132 years.

Not much has changed in City Council over the past 50 years. The good news? In %weeks%, everything can.

We’re trying to bring new voices into the city’s political conversation. Philadelphia 3.0 is a political startup with a focus on City Council. Our goal is to create the opportunity for new civil servants to be elected and smart policy to win out. For us, success means more participation, more people having a say in what happens to our city. In doing so, we will show that the City of Philadelphia will no longer be constrained by the status quo.


Our mission is to engage new audiences and to bring new voices into the city’s political discussions. To increase civic participation and voting rates. To create the conditions for new leaders to be elected. To demonstrate the possibility for political change. We want to support leaders in their efforts to make smarter and better policy.

This Change isn’t going to start in Washington, or Harrisburg.

Big change has to start right here.


Nearly one million Philadelphians were registered to vote in the May 2011 primary, but it only took the support of between 5% and 15% of eligible voters to get elected to City Council.

One in every six doctors in the United States was trained in Philadelphia, yet just one in every 10 students who attend a Philadelphia public high school earns a two- or four-year college degree.

Despite seven years of population growth – the first increase in population in six decades – Philadelphia continues to lose jobs. The city has shed 25% of its jobs over the last 40 years, while Boston, D.C., and New York have increased their number of jobs by between 14% and 25%.

Let’s make Philadelphia a place where government works.

Who are we?

We’re a group of civically-minded Philadelphians who care about our city.

Alison Perelman

Executive Director

Before leading Philadelphia 3.0, Ali worked in the office of City Councilman At-Large Bill Green, where she focused on tax reform, principally business tax reform, and public health policy.

Ali earned her PhD in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. As a graduate student she served as a Legislative and Policy Research Fellow in City Council. She holds an AB from Princeton. Ali lives with her wife and son in Bella Vista, where she is a Democratic Committeeperson.

How do we decide who Philadelphia 3.0 is going to endorse?

Our endorsement process has two steps.


Candidates will meet with our Endorsement Committee to discuss the qualities they would bring to City Council. What are their strengths as leaders? What skills and experiences do they think City Council is currently missing? What laws must be enacted to drive our city forward?


Any City Council candidate – challenger or incumbent – seeking our support will complete our questionnaire. This questionnaire allows the candidate to identify his or her position on a number of critical policy questions. We have identified these policies in particular because we feel they will chart the course for the next decade of legislation and governance in our city.

Download Questionnaire

Our Endorsement Committee is comprised of three Philadelphians who believe the city is at a crossroads. These individuals live in Philadelphia and are representative of the sort of people we would like to see in public office. Alison Perelman and TJ Hurst are voting members of the committee.

Laurada Byers

Laurada is the Founder of the Russell Byers Charter School, a public elementary school in Center City focused on expeditionary learning. She is the former chair of the Byerschool Foundation and is currently the chair of Philadelphia Charters for Excellence. Laurada is also the co-author, with Ambassador Joe Torsella, of the Book of Blessings, a book of 75 graces from different religions and cultures around the world. She was a founding member of the Philadelphia Film Festival.

Christine Jacobs

Christine was formerly the Senior Vice President of Plant Operations at NRG Energy. She previously served as President of Exelon’s Power division, which operates Exelon’s non-nuclear power plant fleet. Prior to PECO, Chris spent eight years with Rhone Poulenc Rorer as the Vice President of Operations for North and South America and Executive Director of Supply Chain Operations. She is a founding board member of RepresentPA, a PAC supporting the election of more women to the PA legislature.

Tom Wyatt

Tom is a Partner at Dilworth Paxson and the former General Council of American Water. Tom is a former public school teacher in the Mississippi Delta and is the chair of the Education Committee of the Passyunk Square Civic Association, which supports Jackson, Kirkbride, Washington and Southwark elementary schools. Tom ran for City Council At Large (D) this year and garnered a number of endorsements, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia 3.0.


Three of our endorsed candidates won their election! Philadelphia 3.0 can’t wait to see how this cohort of independent-minded City Council members helps the city capitalize on its progress and promise.
View the candidates' questionnaires

If a system only works for the people on the inside, it doesn’t work for anyone.


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City Council by donating

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Stay on top of the most important vote no one is paying attention to.